Artist Statement:

A good friend recently paid me a huge compliment about these landscapes by saying that he felt that they looked liked I really wanted to make them. That is true. The making of these pictures grew out of a desire to create a pictorial unity. Just as Benoit Mandelbrot saw order in the natural world with his 'fractal geometry', so too was I seeing an order within the apparent, sometimes chaotic looking natural world. I approached the painting of these landscapes with an eye towards the simplification of complex foliage into flat slabs of color. I then strove to compress these vistas into a sort of visual net for the viewer to enjoy. By doing this, I learned that seeing and translating complex light effects into paint is a worthwhile, transformative, endeavor.

I selected locations to paint where I was overcome by a feeling that nature and man had somehow worked side by side to create incredible beauty. This is because, in the end, we are a part of nature, and we must strive in our own ways to find a proper balance within it. In other words, we need to bring our ego into accord with the earth. These paintings are my attempt to do that. At the county parks, for example, I looked for areas to paint where the shadows of the trees created strong contrast against the illuminated ground. 

I found that strong horizontal and vertical elements within these landscapes, such as trees, paths and sun strewn shadows, helped stabilize the compositions of these paintings. So, I selected mostly parks and other locations where someone had made physical changes to the landscape. At the Kriya Yoga Institute in Homestead, trees that did not flower were replaced with ones that do. Although the paint handling of the paintings created there are similar to those created at other places, the colors I experienced there felt more intense, somehow, than they do, say, at a county park. These color choices in these paintings reflect that intuition. 

I hope that you enjoy the show! 

Lucas Blanco 

Miami, 2015 



Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Lucas Blanco has lived in Florida since 2002. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and German at Western Michigan University. After studying art history with an emphasis on German Expressionism, as an exchange student in Berlin, Germany, he went on to earn his MFA from the University of Miami in 2005. Since 2011, he has been teaching art at Miami-Dade College as an Instructor of Fine and Applied Arts at the Homestead Campus.